Which is better: Dual or single hook sex swings?

If you’re new to the world of sex furniture, and you have no idea how sex swings differ, we’re here to help! Read on to find out what each of these models offers, and what are their pros and cons. We guarantee we will make your choice easier.


As with everything else, before you decide, you must know the basics. Sex swings come in two basic types – single and dual hook. So, to make the right choice for you and your partner, you need to understand what each model is, and what it offers. Enhance your plesure today with a sex swing from CSWM

Sex swings – what to look for?

When you realize there are hundreds of models of sex swings, choosing one might seem like an impossible task. Let’s make it easier, here are five things you must pay attention to.

  1. Safety

Make sure that the swing you’re taking has all the safety features imaginable.

  1. Your space

Consider your living conditions; if you have a small apartment, you shouldn’t take something bulky. Instead, consider a door model or a single hook one.

  1. Mounting options

If you don’t want hooks in your ceiling, consider taking a model that doesn’t have to be hanging from them.

  1. Comfort

Look for a model with a headrest, wide straps, and padded handles. After all, you’ll want something comfortable if you want to spend a lot of fun time in your swing.

  1. Versatility

Make sure to choose a model in which you can try each and every position.

Dual hook sex swings

For those who want a versatile swing, dual hook models offer a lot of positions. You can be on it with your partner, or alone. It’s perfect for vaginal, anal, oral, as well as for role-playing and BDSM fantasies.


People who owned both models claim that dual hook ones are comfier than the single hook models. That’s because you can install the mounting points as far apart as you want. Basically, the wider they are, the less the swing restricts your movements and pinches your hips.


When safety is in question, if you want to be completely safe, dual hook models win. Two mounting points mean that there will be less weight on each of them, and less stress on your walls or ceiling.


You can mount these on trees, ceilings, hallway walls, and even opposite doors.


More safety

No pinching

Numerous mounting options


*Two hooks are harder to hide than one

*More difficult to install



Single hook sex swings

Oral, vaginal, anal, BDSM – single hook swings offer all of these options as well. While you both can still get on one of these, they are less versatile in terms of mounting. But, they offer one thing dual hook models don’t – you can spin in them, and that’s a lot of fun.


Now, these models aren’t known for being comfortable. In fact, they can be tight, and the straps can cut into the flesh. Of course, the best way to prevent this is to get a spreader bar that will add width to your single hook sex swing.


When it comes to safety, they are OK if you have a good ceiling that can handle the weight.



*Can spin

*Only one hole in the ceiling


*Less comfortable

*Potentially too much for your ceiling to take

*You need to get a spreader bar