What are the main reasons your dog is not sleeping in its bed?

Dogs and humans are two different species altogether. But when we have a pet some of us do end up treating it like a human. We see our emotions mirroring in it. This is where we go wrong, and the dog also becomes confused. The dogs try to show dominance over its human family members.

Sometimes it reaches a stage where the dog refuses to slumber in its bed and wants to be with the owner all the time. This could be due to a separation anxiety or some other physiological reason. If we try to find the reason of a dog insisting on dozing with the owner, we can see that most of the times a dog likes to prove his supremacy or equality over other people.

But there are some other reasons as well due to which your dog is not sleeping in its bed. If he likes to stretch while sleeping and his bed is hard and small for him then obviously he is going to leave that and come and sleep in the bigger bed belonging to his human.There are dogs that like to curl up and sleep and the bed may be flat and not cosy enough.

Another reason may be that the dog might be feeling cold in his own bed due to the cold climate of the city where you live. A heated dog bed is a good idea in such a scenario especially if the dog is too small to retain body heat.

Older or arthritic dogs may feel more comfortable on Large Orthopaedic Dog Beds which have a softer mattress than its own bed. So, you can buy a special bed for orthopaedic dogs that provides better support to older dogs. These beds are bigger and softer apart from being roomy enough.

So you can try to find the reason as to why your dog is not sleeping in its bed and then find a solution.