Top 10 Fun Backyard Camping Ideas and Checklist for Kids

Are you really ready to make your kid’s vacation a fun filled one without spending much from your pocket?

Well, kids love camping and summer is the most perfect time to set up one in your backyard. Hence not far from your home, enjoying the pleasure within your neighborhood and also with the comfort of the time sector, it can give you the much-needed relaxing break from the busy schedule of the daily lives. Here are some great ideas to make it happen.

  1. Collect all the essentials required for your camping set up. Be ready with a camping checklist prior to actually proceeding for it. This includes gearing up with handy items like
  • the kids tent,
  • first aid box,
  • comfy cushions and sleeping bed,
  • things for lighting up the area and that needed for small cooking purposes,
  • books, binoculars, games and so on.
  1. Erect the tent in the desired place to experience the authentic feel. A tent can protect you from all the adverse climatic conditions and bugs.
  2. A camp stay is incomplete without a campfire. Play songs and just dance to the music around the fire pit.
  3. Take the pleasure to cook in the open space. You can prepare a grill or some barbeque delicacies that provide the energy for your kids to explore more.
  4. Entertain your kids by singing songs together. You can keep a mic along with the other items in your backpack.
  5. Add to the camp thrill by narrating stories. Kids will be excited to hear spooky ghost stories. You can even cook up stories as a group and that might be really interesting and funny too.
  6. Playing the flashlight games. Start such games when the sun goes down.
  7. Observe the beautiful sky. Stargazing and constellations can take you to another interesting world.
  8. Playing board games. This strengthens the bonding with your family.
  9. Do not miss the outdoor games. Grab the whole fun of playing with a ball.

However, do not forget to carry your camera to capture the best memories in your life.