The Best Gifts for Gym Lovers

I have been into sports from the time that I can remember:

Growing up, there were not just one or two sports that I had concentrated on but I was into fitness generally and used to play any kind of sport.

Swimming, of course, has been the closest to my heart. There have been days especially when the kids were very tiny that I had absolutely no energy to hit the gym floor; those were the days when a quite swim was the most relaxing thing to do as well as to keep in good shape.

Recently, my sister joins me in my fitness trails and even though she began quite late, her determination proves that she is here for long term. I am so happy for her that finally, she made the right decision. She has had a lot of psychological trauma that she went through recently and I am sure that working out and getting back to shape will positively help her in moving forward.

I was thinking of gifting her some sport additions for her gear on her birthday that fall next Saturday:

Here the things I have on my mind:

  1. Fitbit fitness wristband:

I have used this and it is my greatest motivator. It has an inbuilt calorie counter and also determined how much sleep and how good the sleep was. I want to couple this with WaistlineTrainer for her and I have been trying to determine what size is her waist size. The local shop has abundant stock so I am hoping I can pick it up right in time!

  1. Music man and headphones:

My sister loves to listen to music when she is doing her cardio exercises. However, she does not like to hear it on the phone. I am planning a music man and a headphone alternatively so that she does not have to fret if her phone will slide from the pocket and fall off.

  1. Sports attire:

There is a lovely collection of sports gear at the showroom in the mall nearby. The track suits and the shoes are so desirable that I am beginning to worry that I will be tempted into buying one for myself even though I have no more space in my wardrobe!