Buying the right toy at the right age

Choosing the right toy for your child’s age and stage of development is so important. If a toy is too advanced, your child will probably become frustrated trying to figure it out, or it might have small parts which are dangerous to younger children. On the other hand, if a toy is too simple or babyish for your child, they will probably become bored quickly and won’t learn any new skills. Here we’ll look at ways to find the perfect toy for your child’s age.

One great place which can help you find the right toy for your child is This website has loads of reviews of the latest toys and games for children of all ages, broken down into age categories, as well as gender if you prefer. You can also find toys by type, so if you know you want a car toy for your three year old for example, there is an article showing some of the best.

For very young babies, it’s best to choose something which is visually interesting. Strong patterns work well, and remember your baby won’t be able to grasp a toy or bat at them in the very early days. Once your baby has learned to hold objects, toys with texture are likely to be appealing. Look for toys which crinkle or rattle, or have different materials – a range of soft and more textured is good.

Once your baby is stronger, toys which can be pushed along to help with walking are great. Babies at this stage might also enjoy a basic ride on. When your toddler is steadier on their feet, they might also enjoy a toddler trampoline. As your child gets older, observe what they are interested in and you are sure to find toys they love – favorite cartoon characters are always popular as toys!…