8 Tips To Avoid Online Scams And Swindles

Click here to know how online sales have captured the market in a big way. But the sad truth is that there are many who have been cheated on their online purchases. This does not mean that you should stay away from shopping online. Instead, take some precautionary steps to avoid the online scams.

Know about the company and then buy

Trust only the well-known companies. If you are buying from a startup or a new company then make sure that you thoroughly check the reviews or opt for cash on delivery.

Check your credit card statement

Check the credit card usage each month to make sure that there are no unauthorized charges on it. This is very important if the card is used online.

Do not share the social security number

If an online website asks you for your social security number then stay away from making a purchase from them.

Check the company website

The website will be able to throw a lot of light on the company. How do they market their products and what are their return policies can give you some insight on how the shopping site is. If you see that the website does not look professional or has many spelling errors then chances are that the website is a fraud.


If the discounts look to be too good to be true then do not purchase from the site. It could be a spam.

Get your card insured

Make sure that you ensure your credit card. Online frauds are protected by most insurance companies.

Keep the credit card limit very low

You could lower the credit card limit if you use it often on online websites to make purchases

Keep a separate credit card for online shopping

Keep a different credit card to use for online purchases. The credit limit should be very low on this card. This will let you be saved from any fraud.…