10 Tips to Choosing the Right Healthy Treats for Your Dog

The French bulldog has the lovable features and it is found to be loyal to the families. Unfortunately their distinct creatures are responsible for the overall health issue and they mainly suffer from the breathing problem. Instead of using collar, owners should use harness of high quality and this great French Bulldog Harness will not affect the breathing problems. It is very important things that you should remember when you are treating your dog which is as follows:

1) The treats can be made yourself. The organic and non medicated cooked or baked meats are good.

2) When you are buying treats for your dog you have to ensure that the things are not manufactured in China and also from other countries with the poor quality.

3) You have to avoid which is found to be too good and try to think. Dehydrated treat of a pound is made from the fresh ingredients about 10 times.

4) Avoid giving frequent liver treats to the dog. The dehydrated treats contain a large amount of the nutrient and rich in vitamin. But in the liver, it contains the heavy dose of fat-soluble vitamins and as the liver is considered to be the central part of the metabolism it contains more toxins and the impurities than the muscle.

5) Don’t give sardine and herring-like small fishes. It is very hard to find the sources. Due to the contamination of the small fish with the strontium, it is found to be a problem.

6) From the nutritional point it is best to give the salmon skin. Even this also contains the moderate amount of mercury in the skin and if your dog is frequently fed with the salmon skin it results in the increased mercury level.

7) Giving treats like the cheap or grain will leads to the risk adventure for the dogs health. Because the digestive system of dog cannot digest the grains and causes the bowel diseases.

8) To avoid your dog from being cookie monster, the best way is to give irregularly.

9) The strangers should not allow to give treats to your dog and you can insist them to give healthy treat.

10) Dog should not be treated with the raw bone, beef tendons or processed thing as it it contains the preservatives which affect the health.…