The Best Tips to Update Your Dining Room

Besides purchasing dining chairs at furnitureheaven you can check out the following tips on updating your dining room and giving it a new look.

  1. Give a makeover to a wall: Your dining room must have at least one wall that is striking and eye-catching. You can choose various methods to enhance this wall; you can either paint the wall or add an accent to the wall. Even sticking wallpaper will give a new look to the wall and transform the look of the entire room. This can be a DIY project for that extra special touch.
  2. Change the lighting: This is by far the simplest and one of the most effective ways to spruce up the dining area. Choose pendants or chandeliers or other statement light fixtures keeping in mind the size of the dining table, its placement and the size of the room. A few recessed lightings will add that extra layer to the lighting.
  3. Add some wall decors: Choose a nice mirror in an antique frame or a painting with some mystery to beautify the wall and add character to the room.
  4. Don’t forget the side tables: Here is a treasure trove of ideas to make that side table come alive and add its own charm and allure to an otherwise dull and boring dining room. Fill it up with frames of various material and size alive with photos of family and friends. You can also keep attractive potpourris in unique shaped vases and bowls. Creativity is the limit here.
  5. Ceiling: Another method of updating the dining room is by decorating the ceiling. You can paint it or even wallpaper it which will give it a distinct look.
  6. Add a runner: One of the simplest but most effective ways to enhance the look of the dining room is to add a bright runner to the table. Place a crystal vase with fresh smelling daffodils or roses and your dining room is transformed.