How to dress classy but casual

Every girl loves to get dressed at her best. Classy is not a particular dress sense but it is an element that can sophisticate your whole look. You can add this element to your day to day look either it is formal or casual. No matter what your dressing sense is, a mix up of casual and classy dress sense can add charm to your personality. These 3 tips will definitely help you to stand out among the crowd.

  1. Choose the right clothes: Choose well-fitted clothes of your choice. The well-fitted clothes will make you look more stylish. Make sure your clothing is not too tight or loose from any area. Choose your style cuts according to the shape of your body. Moreover, you can get your clothes tailored as they are more comfortable and make you look more beautiful. Secondly, make it a rule to try clothes before you buy them.
  2. Buy high-quality clothes: Well-made, high quality clothes appear more elegant than cheap clothes. Buy fewer clothes but buy those that are of good quality. Do check for any kind of stains or loose stitches. Though such clothes cost more yet there are secondhand fashion sites and thrift or vintage stores that enable you to buy such clothes at cheaper prices.
  3. Go for timeless fashion: Choose the styles that last for decades. It is important to include all the basics in your wardrobe along with the trendy styles. The classic style includes all the basics. A few examples are: denims, slacks, leggings, A-line dresses, discounted ysl bags, skirts, blazers and coats. For men, it includes collared shirts and t shirts, cardigans and pullovers. Prints like horizontal stripes, paisley and plaid never go out of fashion.

Most of all, classic style lies in your attitude as well.…