Ten Clever Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

If you are ever on a tight budget it is possible to eat healthy even on a mere budget if you know how to plan your meals and shop for your grocery and get health coupon codes.

Here are ten unique ways of eating healthy when the coffers are low in cash.

  1. Reproduce the leftovers: Since it will be boring to eat the same meal all the time, research online on how to make interesting soups, pies and even patties from leftovers and eat them.
  2. Prep your meals: Plan what you want to eat the whole week and then prep for it. The few minutes you take every Sunday will save you time cooking and also be easy on your pocket.
  3. Buy seasonal food and freeze it: Fresh fruits and vegetables are cheap when in season. So, stock up on them and freeze them to use when they become more expensive.
  4. Look out for sales: Check out what is on sale in supermarkets and your local grocery and change your meal plan according to it. This will save you money and also kindle the creative chef in you.
  5. Go for cheaper meat: There are parts of the chicken that are cheaper than say chicken breasts, go for it; trust us they are equally tasty.
  6. Whole grains: They are recommended nowadays for healthy living and the best part is that they are cheap and filling.
  7. Try new cuisines: Several Asian recipes are cheap and use less meat and they turn out to be not only cheap but also delicious.
  8. Organize your fridge: Label your leftovers with date and organize your fridge in a manner that you eat all leftovers before they get spoilt which will be a criminal waste of money.
  9. Buy produce at the farmer’s market at end of the day: Go the market just before closing and you will always get produce at a cheap
  10. Buy generic brands:  Generic brands also sell the same product at a lesser rate because they do not have the tag of a famous brand. They are usually of good quality at half the price.